domingo, 1 de julio de 2018

Romeo & Juliet's Videodrama

Last but not least, our Videodrama involving fifteen teachers and three 4º de ESO groups. A whole year project with a stunning result: a 40 minutes film in English with subtitles showing the story of Romeo and Juliet from three different points of view. Get your popcorn and enjoy watching it!!!

domingo, 3 de junio de 2018

viernes, 1 de junio de 2018

Ancient Egypt and the Middle Ages

This year 1º de ESO students learned about Ancient Egypt while 2º de ESO students got an insight into the Middle Ages. Subjects such as English, French, Natural Science, Spanish, Humanities, PE and Art have contributed with interesting Didactic Units.

In Science lessons students found out about papyrus and the mummification process:

In Spanish lessons students also worked on this topic and saw the film The Mummy, set in Ancient Egypt:


In Physical Education students played hockey as it originated in Ancient Egypt: 

In art lesson students designed colourful Egyptian panels and stained glass windows:

In English lessons students found out about their surnames coat of arms:

In Geography students recorded and role played the Middle Ages in Spain ( Muslims, Christians, fights, swords... ).

Happy students enjoying prize

Some of the Photo and Audiocuentos Contest winners making most of their English conversation classes today at Aenfis School of Languages in our town.

jueves, 31 de mayo de 2018

Coming soon: "The Romeo and Juliet's Videodrama"

We will be able to watch "The Romeo and Juliet's Videodrama" really soon. Our 4º de ESO students together with teachers from different areas ( English, Spanish, Technology, Humanities, Information and Communication Technology, Physical Education, Music... ) have worked hard to film Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet story. The video has been recorded and subtitled in English. This has been an ambitious and demanding project in which students not only act, but also play music and dance. The Junta de Andalucía Educational Authorities have sponsored us to make it come true. Some students' families and the Conservatorio Elemental de Música José Hidalgo in Torre del Mar have also helped out.

"English Audiocuentos Contest" Winner 2018

Our 3º de ESO C student Andrea Moya Ruiz has won the "English Audiocuentos Contest". She based her narration on the reader we have worked on in class this year: Romeo and Juliet. Aenfis school of English in Vélez-Málaga has collaborated with us once again granting free conversation classes for Andrea and a friend of hers. Congratulations, Andrea, and make most of the lessons there!!!

Coming soon the very audio by Andrea so that you can listen to it and learn about this touching romantic tragedy.

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

We take English everywhere: even to the III Bienal Internacional de Arte y Escuela de la Axarquía in Torre del Mar!!!

Once more we have taken part in the Bienal Art Exhibition. We couldn't miss it. This year we've been lucky to have our assistant Zianna there as she has conducted the "Con Pelos y a lo Loco" workshop in English!!! We must thank our Art teacher, Lucía Ramírez Montiel, for all the extra work this exhibition has entailed!!! It's been worthwhile.

One of Zianna's own creations
Some teachers surrounded by genuine pieces of art
Zianna instructing students

Lucía, congratulations!!!