martes, 13 de noviembre de 2018

Halloween Activities

As usual, families decorated the hall for us to celebrate this festivity. It looked great as you can see:

1º and 2º de ESO students made terrifying pop up cards in Art lessons. Here you are some samples of the great work:

In the English lessons, 1º de ESO students had the chance to enjoy a fun class by Pete, our great assistant teacher this year; 2º de ESO students visited the English Cemetery in Málaga and 3º and 4º de ESO students went to the cinema and enjoyed the film "The House with a Clock in its Walls".

PTVAL and Aula Específica students wore their fancy dresses and their teachers did a great job making them up:

Again by this time of the year we made most of this festivity at school !!

Interviews at Muelle 1

After visiting the English Cemetery, our 2º de ESO students spent some time in Muelle 1, the best place in Málaga to interview English speakers. Many of them were willing to answer their questions, so our students had real fun and made most of their trip using English with a real communicative purpose.

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2018

The Germans' stay on a video

Here you are the great video by our 3º de ESO student Aroa Arrebola showing a wonderful week we will never forget.

Last October will always stay in our hearts and thoughts!!!

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2018

German students' stay at our school

At last the 14 German students from Kulmbach Caspar Vischer Gymnasium in Germany visited us from the 20th to the 28th of October! They stayed with 3º de ESO host families, giving our students and their families the chance of speaking English, the common languague.

After the warm welcome at our school with a traditional breakfast, a flamenco show by some of our girls and a great flamenco workshop by Antonio Guerra, the German students and their two teachers, Yvonne and Gaby, ejoyed a full week activity programme. The plan started with a guided tour in English to the main monuments in Vélez by 4º de ESO students. Visits to Málaga, Torrox, Frigiliana and Granada were also inluded. The Germans also took part in PE and English lessons and learned about our educative system.

¡Por fin los 14 alumnos alemanes de la escuela de Educación Secundaria Caspar Vischer en Kulmbach, Alemania, nos visitaron desde el 20 hasta el 28 de Octubre! Se alojaron con familias de alumnos de 3º de ESO. Esto dio la oportunidad tanto a los alumnos como a sus familias de practicar inglés, la única lengua en común.

Tras la cálida bienvenida en nuestro instituto con desayuno típico, una exhibición de baile regional a cargo de seis alumnas y un estupendo taller de flamenco impartido por Antonio Guerra, el alumnado alemán y sus dos profesoras, Yvonne y Gaby, disfrutaron de un extenso programa de actividades a lo largo de la semana. Éste empezó con la visita guiada en inglés a nuestro entorno monumental por los alumnos de 4º de ESO. También se incluyeron visitas a Málaga, Torrox, Frigiliana y Granada. Los alemanes asistieron a clases de Educación Física e Inglés, aprendiendo así sobre nuestro sistema educativo.