jueves, 14 de marzo de 2019

The End of the Beginning

Last Tuesday we had a great time with theatre company Moving On and this year's play The End of the Beginning. The play dealt with the difficult situation of immigrants in foreign countries. Almenara and Salvador Rueda students had the chance of acting on stage because, as usual, the company didn't have enough actors!!

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2019

Have you got 4 euros to spare?

That little amount of money for a play in English in Teatro del Carmen. Once again the company Moving On is performing for us next Tuesday 12th March. Don't give it a second thought and join us if you are a 2º, 3º or 4º student. We'll have a good laugh at the theatre with The End of the Beginning!

Another Assistant Teacher at our School

We are so lucky we got another Assistant Teacher this year!!! Her name is Carmen Rocío Jiménez. She is about to finish her degree in "Estudios Ingleses" at the University of Málaga. She is taking part in an Apprenticeship University Programme for future teachers. As part of her Practice Programme, every Friday, Carmen, will enhance oral skills in some of the lessons in English language at our school. We hope she has a nice stay with us and students learn a lot.